I    n    t    e    r    n    a    t    i    o    n    a    l                C    a    l    l             f    o    r           A    r    t    i    s    t    s

We are looking for engaging and interesting proposals for our audience and this can include (but is not exclusive to) interactive media art, illustration, print, mobile art, pervasive art, projection/video or any other work that uses visual media.

HDR aims to support and promote mainly cutting edge international artists who have not yet found their feet in the industry. However, we also welcome submissions from established groups and individuals who promote innovation in their artistic work.

The HDR philosophy is focused on an interest of exchange and kinetic dialogue about art ideas, approaches and methods practiced in other places and from other individuals. In particular, we are fascinated with how they come into practice in a wide scene.

We are accepting proposals from artists at all stages of their career: the subscription is open to national and international artists, disregarding age or sex.

No application fees

Our purpose is to encourage contemporary artistic endeavors, to foster experimental cultural development, and to stimulate dialogue within the art community.

  • The deadline for proposals is November 19th, 2015.
  • The shortlist will be announced in December. The 2015 judging panel is to be announced shortly.
  • Selected artists will receive a communication from our  board

The 2015 edition of HDR Visual Arts is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

  •  Fine Art Photography
  •  Painting
  •  Video art
  •  Fashion Art
  •  Embrodery
  •  Interactive art installations
  •  Performative Arts
  •  Mixed Art
  •  Public Art
  •  Body Art
  •  Sculpture
  •  Documentary

Prospecting participants must submit an abstract (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV)
The abstract should include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation of the contribution.

DEADLINE:  December 19th, 2015

Any related materials  as

  • high resolution images
  • links to video or audio
  • pdf files, such as your CV and your artist's statement

can be sent directly to hdrvisualarts@munich.com